3 Types of Team Building Program in Phuket

Phuket Offers Something for Every MICE Group

The phrase ‘team building program’ can mean different things to different people and, as a personal brand, I like to focus on one particular style.

It’s important to note that Phuket has a lot of options for MICE groups and there should be no difficulty in finding an activity to fit with your requirements.

Facilitated Team Building Challenges

These are team events that are led by a professional team building facilitator in which there is often some form of fun, interactive challenge for the group(s) to complete.

Think cooking challenges, Amazing Race-style programs, movie-making events, problem-solving initiatives, and sporting competitions. These types of programs have long been associated with team building because, when properly facilitated, offer fun-focused activities that keep participants fully engaged.

When properly designed and debriefed, there can be real learning outcomes that align with a company’s training goals. It’s often the case that I’m asked to incorporate a brand’s corporate values into a team building program and so it’s important to select the right option if you’re looking to reinforce elements of teamwork such as communication, problem-solving, idea sharing, and team leadership.

These programs are most often conducted within your hotel and both indoor and outdoor options are available. Some programs will also include some travel or offsite elements.

This type of team building program is my personal focus and you can read more about my style of team building here.

Often combined with a facilitated team development workshop, these team building programs can be a crucial part of an organisation’s training goals.

Group Leisure Activities

These are non-facilitated leisure activities that are either conducted in a group’s hotel or would take a group offsite. Perhaps a yoga class in the meeting room or a Muay Thai training session in the garden. These would generally not be conducted by a team building facilitator but led by a specialised activity instructor. In many cases, the hotel’s recreation team may offer these types of group activity.

Outside of the hotel, options in this category might include ATVs, ropes courses, or paintball for example. There are plenty of group leisure activities to choose from in Phuket.

I do not offer this type of activity. Best to ask your hotel directly or engage the services of a DMC.

Tours and Excursions

Island-hopping on a speedboat or a city tour of old Phuket Town would both fall into this category. They can be a great way to get out of your hotel for a while and see a bit of the island. These would not be facilitator-led and would be best arranged through a registered tour company with a fully qualified tour guide as I do not offer this type of activity.

Team Building or Team Bonding?

For me, team building programs are designed to reinforce elements of leadership, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. Aspects of our professional lives that can be simulated in these events. They are designed to have real learning outcomes – learning experiences that can be applied back at work. They’re also a huge amount of fun and can significantly strengthen relationships.

Group leisure activities and tours/excursions would more accurately fall into the team bonding category. They can be a great way to spend time together and allow team members to get to know one another better but do not include any leadership or collaboration elements.

Read more about the difference between team building and team bonding.