Workshop Facilitation for Team Development and Leadership

I design and facilitate corporate training workshops focused on team development and leadership. These workshops are fully interactive and will be customised to fit your training or meeting goals. My workshops are available anywhere in Asia and you’ll frequently find me in Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore or KL.

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“Wonderful facilitation. Everyone was engaged with high energy levels and the workshop really delivered.”

WL Gore

Working towards your group goals through action learning

I design my workshops to be fun and engaging. You should expect plenty of team challenges, partnered activities, individual thought, and insightful discussions. It’s a process called ‘action learning’ and the result is more impactful team training experiences.

There are no boring Powerpoint presentations and endless lectures. In my workshops, the group does 80% of the talking. The participants will problem-solve both individually and as a group.

As your facilitator, my focus is on the group learning process and I will guide the group through structured activities, facilitate meaningful discussions, and draw out the group’s collective knowledge.

Workshop Topics

Each organisation I work with is different. Teams are highly dynamic systems and group goals often vary. However, some of the most popular workshop topics include:

  • Minimising and managing conflict
  • Leadership essentials for new managers
  • Creating agile and responsive teams
  • Teamwork fundamentals
  • Bridging departmental silos
  • Engineering a new team operating system
  • Clarifying company culture and values
  • Idea generation and planning sessions
  • Identification of underlying issues

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