A Little Bit About Me

I Help Teams Collaborate

I have always been fascinated by teams and their successes and failures. There are countless stories of teams achieving incredible success but there are just as many cases where teams have massively underperformed.

Why do some teams excel while others stumble along, never quite reaching their full potential?

My goal is straightforward yet challenging – to help business teams and leaders become better.

“An amazing ability to quickly get teams working together.”

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A Bit of Background

I’ve been facilitating team building programs in Thailand and Asia since 2003. Leading and building teams, first as a manager and later as an external facilitator, is what drives me.

We spend a third of our lives at work, perhaps more in some cases. I believe it should be more enjoyable and productive than it often is.

As a team building facilitator, I lead powerful and engaging team bonding experiences that help to strengthen relationships between team members. I create innovative programs that challenge participants in a fun, facilitator-led environment.

As a workshopper, I facilitate team development and leadership workshops utilising the process of action learning. These are fully interactive sessions in which the participants are guided through experiential activities that allow them to share ideas, offer solutions to problems, and generate their own knowledge.

What Is A Workshopper?

“A Workshopper is someone who wants to cut through the noise and get meaningful, valuable work done with others. They’re frustrated by, and seek more than just the standard, unproductive meeting. They believe work can be inspiring and enjoyable. They deeply crave progress and hate settling for the status quo. They’re looking for a better way to bring people together and achieve their (and their company’s) goals better, faster, and happier. They want to pioneer this new way of working.”

This is how workshopper.com defines a workshopper in the context of facilitation. I have decided to quote them because I couldn’t explain it any better myself.

It’s clear that every business leader knows that teams are essential yet few manage to fully capitalise on the power of teamwork within their organisations. As a facilitator, my own learning never ends and I remain fascinated by the group dynamics I observe within teams. I hope that my experience, knowledge and curiosity can be of benefit to business teams and leaders across the region.

I have an enthusiastic facilitation style and a wicked sense of humour and you’ll notice that I like to keep things friendly and personal. It is this personal approach to my brand that builds a foundation of trust – a basic requirement for any successful team.