New Website 2022

Introducing the New Website for 2022

With the recent time I’ve had on my hands (Covid, anyone?), I thought I’d take the opportunity to build a new website.

In recent years I have felt more and more strongly that a personal brand is more important now than it ever has been. The internet has become so vast that it has turned into an ocean of faceless organisations and corporate jargon.

When I purchase goods or services from others, I tend to favour those organisations that I feel a connection to. I find it builds trust. At the very least, at least you know who you are talking to.

It was back in 2017 that I made the move from my old brand, Micely Done, to using my own name. I’m happy I did as it gives a personal touch to my work. I hope you find me more approachable as a result.

So the new website hopefully reflects this gradual change to a personal brand over the last few years. It’s more blog-focused and less corporate (corporate websites can be so ‘cold’ don’t you think?). It’s fully responsive and fast loading (as more and more of my clients are accessing the site via mobile these days). It’s a minimal design yet has some bold elements – something a little bit different.

It will also give me an outlet to easily share some knowledge about team building and development through my blog. Alongside this, it gives me an opportunity to develop the writing side of business. Exciting times ahead I think.