Review: A Full Day of Team Building in Phuket

Well, That Was a Long Day!

We recently had a client who wanted two team building programs in Phuket – in one day! A beach sports program in the morning and an Amazing Race in the afternoon. My first question was: “Are you sure?”

A full day of team building is extremely tiring for participants (and me!). Especially when you’re doing it in early April in Thailand, the hottest and most humid time of the year. However, I was assured by the organiser that all the participants were young, fit, competitive….and slightly stubborn (her words).

So, off we went to Pullman Phuket Arcadia at Naithon Beach for a big day out.

The organiser was right. They were young, fit and competitive and didn’t calm down all day. It was one of the most high energy events I have ever done. Their enthusiasm was insane! My team and I were riding on a wave of adrenaline all day as we facilitated the activities. It was such a pleasure to work with these guys.

The client was from from the financial industry. Fintech, I think. Something to do with blockchain and digital currencies. I still didn’t understand it after several people tried explaining it to me. I’m not sure they fully understood it themselves.

I guess it’s a competitive market though.

After several hours on the beach, a quick lunch, and then several more hours travelling around Phuket in a high-energy Amazing Race, they were still not done. It was then on to a pre-arranged basketball match in town. Not with me thankfully. By this time, I was at home in my Batman pyjamas with a cup of warm cocoa before bed.