Review: Masterchef Phuket March 9 2023

A Cooking Team Building Challenge in Phuket

Team building programs involving cooking have been around as long as I’ve been doing this job. However, while Masterchef is certainly a classic and traditional program, it remains one of the very best options for small to medium-sized groups.

A professional kitchen is a great example of teamwork. Under the leadership of an executive chef, the sous chefs, chefs de partie and commis chefs need to work in harmony to get quality food out on time. The environment is fast-paced and goal-driven with clear responsibilities for everyone involved.

Our team building version is no different. Everyone has a role to play as teams battle it out to present the very best dishes.

This particular event for 70 pax was held at Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach, a beautiful resort on the rocks overlooking the somewhat secluded Naithon beach.

Taking over the hotel restaurant for the afternoon, our guests produced some stunning dishes – yes, really! I’m not just being nice. Well-balanced and tasty dishes that sublimely showcased Thai flavours.

Some teams (*cough* team 4) also produced some absolute rubbish. It was claimed that several dishes had been passed down through generations. Grannie would have been most disappointed.

Masterchef is one of my favourite team building programs in Phuket. It’s highly creative, keeps everyone engaged and, as a non-physical program, is suitable for all. There’s a nice, easygoing environment and this informal atmosphere allows people to easily get to know one another.

There’s one big problem though – washing up afterwards….