Snapshot: Cocktails in Bangkok Jan 11 2024

Mixology at Its Best (and Worst)

Cocktail-making is a classy and sophisticated team building activity in Bangkok. It’s perfectly suited to Bangkok’s high-end hotels and offers an on-site option that remains engaging and fun-focused. I often recommend it for groups with participants that don’t know each other particularly well (increasingly common these days with the rise of remote working). Unsurprisingly, alcohol breaks the ice quite well.

The Westin Grande Sukhumvit was our venue and our client was from the financial services industry, a group that we had previously worked with in Chiang Mai.

The organiser had requested a 3-hour indoor event with an easygoing feel to it. Our cocktail-making program, Shakers, fit the brief perfectly. I fondly remembered this group from our previous engagement and was keen to lead them through a cocktail event.

It is said that you should not mix your drinks. However, as a judge, I had no option. I tasted concoctions that have never before been created. Some were surprisingly tasty. Others were spectacularly foul and should never again be imagined – kind of like a herbal tincture given by an old witch to some lost and injured traveller somewhere in Middle Earth.

Even so, the Irish guy still seemed to enjoy them.

A really fun team bonding experience in Bangkok, lots of adult humour, and an all-round memorable afternoon that moved on to the pub a little later. A great way to bring people together and build relationships.