Snapshot: Conflict Management Training Workshop Bangkok Mar 5 2024

Dealing with Conflict At Work

This half-day interactive workshop looked at conflict in the workplace. Every team has some degree of conflict. It’s inescapable. And, in fact, having a workplace in which nobody speaks up or shares their opinions is just as dangerous and ineffective as a high-conflict environment.

What’s important is how teams and organisations deal with conflict. This workshop focuses on (a) identifying the causes of conflict within the organisation (b) identifying ways in which conflict can be minimised and (c) understanding how one can deal with conflict when it inevitably shows up. It’s a popular choice for a workshop because conflict at work is something that many people struggle with. Including myself in my previous corporate life.

My client in Bangkok was from the financial services industry – a highly competitive industry with some strong characters and personalities. The intention was to help the organisation’s support staff to handle any conflict situations more effectively. Without care and attention, workplace conflict can lead to phyisiological problems such as stress and poor sleep. Resignation is often seen as the only way out.

This particular team development workshop, held at Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit 20, was a lovely group of 15 pax consisting of fourteen introverts and one lonely extrovert. However, through facilitation of several carefully-selected activities, everyone (including the introverts) had a chance to share their thoughts and we generated plenty of interesting conversations as to how conflict could be minimised within their organisation.

Following the morning workshop, a fun team building program in the afternoon made the day both meaningful as well as memorable.

As with any team development workshop of this nature, each individual is now responsible for bringing about change.