Snapshot: Team Cooking Challenge Sep 29 2023

A Tasty Team Cooking Challenge in Phuket

I always enjoy cooking-based team building challenges. Even though it’s a competition, there’s always a friendly, easygoing atmosphere. Cooking seems to have a calming effect for many people. I enjoy it myself. After a tough day, cooking a nice meal is relaxing and helps me chill out, kind of like watching snooker.

Some people may not agree of course. They may find cooking stressful. And they may find snooker incredibly boring. But not as boring as cricket, surely….

But with 62 pax cutting, boiling, stirring and, yes, burning their dishes, this team cooking experience was much more exciting than a game of cricket. Everyone was engaged and each nationality was represented on the plate. And while each team had one standout dish, it was the dumplings with ginger sauce that sealed the victory for the winning team.

I’m a bit of a dumpling fan but I did not allow any bias to creep in. Really. Trust me.