Team Building in Khao Lak

Lost: Recommended Team Building Program in Khao Lak

A lot of hotels in Khao Lak have easy access to some of Thailand’s best beaches. And, even better, there’s not many people on them! Beach programs are therefore a popular choice here. It’s a great setting to escape from everything so our simulated survival experience, Lost, is a popular choice here for beachfront hotels. Enjoy the beach and ocean in a structured team challenge that tests participants in a variety of ways.

If several hours in the hot sun is not your thing, how about some refreshing cocktails around the pool? Ask about our cocktail-making challenge.

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Khao Lak: Nearby Phuket but Worlds Away

About a 1.5 hour drive north from Phuket, Khao Lak is a quieter and more relaxed beach destination than Phuket. Don’t expect the busy nightlife or shopping options but you can certainly count on beautiful, quiet beaches and some outstanding resorts. Team building in Khao Lak includes all of our top programs and our Phuket operating centre is not far away.

Its quiet nature makes it a great location for MICE groups looking for something a bit more laid back where they can focus on their meetings and conferences and provide their delegates with stunning beachside dinners in the evening. It’s quiet, laid back and chilled. It’s all about shorts and t-shirts – not suits and ties.

Phuket International Airport is the closest gateway and this means that direct international flights are easy to arrange.

Surrounding the beach destination are plenty of national parks which offer a great half-day excursion for your group. While we would say that Khao Lak is a slightly more adventurous option than Phuket or Krabi, its wide range of quality accommodation and meeting venues make it a wonderful choice for a few days’ break, in between the serious stuff of course.