Workshop: Leading Teams

Everybody knows how important leaders are to business teams and organisations as a whole. With the right leader in place, teams can be wildly successful and a joy to be a part of. Get the wrong one and office life can be inefficient and miserable.

In many cases, an individual may have been actively selected for a leadership role based on their strong work ethic and job-specific knowledge. They may even have demonstrated certain leadership qualities and been flagged for career advancement. That’s great. As their senior manager or HR representative, you’ve done well to notice this and appreciate it. The mistake is that the individual is then thrown into the deep end and expected to swim in a leadership role without the required knowledge and skills.

Leading a group of people can be hard. Really hard. And it can be very different from their previous role.

Not only will the team suffer as a result of inadequate leadership but the new leader often suffers on a personal level as they find themselves in stressful situations that they are not equipped to deal with.

With the challenges of new leaders in mind, this workshop looks at the most fundamental principles of leadership, imparts experience-based knowledge through case studies, and teaches skills that will allow new leaders to manage, motivate and inspire their teams as they move through their career.

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