Review: Team Leadership Workshop Phuket July 4 2022

Based on “The Art of Teaming” workshop, this slightly expanded version looked at how the concept of teaming can be applied to any type of team – whether it’s a team that has been together for years or one that has recently formed.

Our client was an international tech company focused on financial and regulatory markets. Something to do with blockchain – whatever that is…

I’m still a long way from understanding exactly what this company does but the great thing about leadership and teamwork is that the same skills apply to any industry. Here, we touched upon learning from failure, building trust and breaking down communication barriers between departmental silos.

There’s always some serious stuff in these workshops of course and we created a safe space for participants to share some hard truths. But there were plenty of interactive activities along the way including a fun team challenge to simulate rapid idea sharing and speaking up.

And what an awesome meeting venue it was. Beanbags, sofas and a sea view. Why can’t all meeting rooms be more like this?