Top 3 Team Building Programs in Bangkok

Best-Selling Team Building Programs in Bangkok

Bangkok is an awesome destination for team building. It’s an aviation hub and the second busiest international airport in Asia after Singapore Changi. In 2019, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport handled over 65 million passengers. It’s ridiculously easy to fly to Bangkok from anywhere in the world making it a prime destination for global corporations to conduct MICE events.

Once there, the abundance of quality hotels, restaurants, shopping and nightlife outlets makes this city a memorable destination for corporate teams to mix business and pleasure.

Amazing Race Bangkok

As with all of our destinations, our unique and innovative version of The Amazing Race is our most popular team building program in Bangkok. The city’s busy and chaotic character makes the race even more memorable and it’s a perfect fit for the quirky activities we build in to our races. It’s so easy to travel around Bangkok by BTS SkyTrain, river boat, tuk-tuk or taxi and the race is a great way to get out and about, see the city, and experience its sights and sounds.


This movie-production experience is a popular team building choice in Bangkok becuase it doesn’t require much space. Garden space within Bangkok hotels is in rather short supply and, often, meeting rooms are the only suitable event space onsite. Not to worry. Showtime can be conducted anywhere – even in the smallest of spaces. It’s also not physically demanding so offers a nice team building option to conduct in the late afternoon without tiring out participants before dinner. It also happens to be one of the funniest and most engaging team building programs that we offer. Clients say it’s the ‘best team building they’ve ever done!’


Bangkok has a different feel to it than beachside destinations like Phuket. We often find that groups in Bangkok are more business-like while in Phuket, they’re more in holiday mode. This affects the choice of team building program that we might recommend. Shakers, our cocktail-making program, is classy and sophisticated. It’s well suited to a city destination and we’ve operated this program in some pretty fancy establishments. It’s still a fun and highly engaging option and works well with groups whose members don’t know each other very well. There’s plenty of time for chat and getting to know one another. A great choice for conservative groups or, if we add more alcohol, outgoing groups as well!