Top 3 Team Building Programs in Phuket

Best-Selling Team Building Programs in Phuket

My team and I have been conducting team building and team bonding programs in Phuket since 2003. We’ve seen the industry change quite significantly in that time and, like most industries, a shift towards more digital and tech-focused activities has been apparent.

Even so, the ‘classics’ still remain very popular. And rightly so. While we’ve certainly added elements to these programs over the years, the underlying experience of the traditional programs remains intact. Here’s our three most popular team building programs in Phuket.

Amazing Race Phuket

I’m not even sure if the original TV show on which this program is based is still produced. It’s that old. To this day, it still continues to dominate our group bookings. We’ve been refining our version of the race for almost twenty years and our latest version continues to be a highly engaging and interactive challenge that keeps everyone involved from the very first minute.


Another famous TV show. Another memorable team experience. After a slight dip in bookings during the mid 2010s, we’ve seen cooking challenges rise in popularity once again towards the end of the decade. We’re happy about that because this is one of our personal favorites (except the post-event cleanup that is). Our Masterchef program is a highly challenging program that puts leadership skills to the test in a non physical environment.


We love this one. It is hilariously funny and one of the most creative options out there. Movie production, acting, directing, script writing, filming….it’s all here. A fantastic option for hotels with limited outdoor space or for groups looking for something non-physical. Everybody has a role to play, whether they see themselves as the extroverted lead character or simply in a supporting role.

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