Snapshot: Cooking Team Building in Phuket Mar 16 2024

Team Building Through Food

As remote working has become more widespread over the last couple of years, annual team get-togethers have become even more important because many team members may have joined the company and never had the opportunity to meet their colleagues in person. I’m noticing that organisations are primarily using these annual retreats to get to know one another and strengthen bonds. As a result, a common request is for a team building session that is easygoing and informal that offers plenty of opportunities for participants to mingle, chat, and have a laugh together.

In these cases, Masterchef is a great option. It always has a really cool vibe – relaxed fun in which everybody is kept busy while my infamous 90s playlist keeps people entertained (or arguing about which music decade was the best). Our venue was right next to the beach at JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa and we were cooking right up until sunset. A cool breeze and a hot stove made it a very pleasant early evening.

Our client this time was from the financial services industry and, to meet their privacy requirements, I am not sharing any photos from the event. It was a real pleasure working with them for this team building program. Great fun and plenty of laughs. A couple of standout dishes were presented as well as a couple of dishes which should probably be hidden away in the back of a cupboard.

Fortunately, they did not have to eat their own food as the hotel had put on a beachside dinner for them. As the lead judge, I was not so fortunate.

However, to be fair, it was not the worst I’ve ever had. There, that’s positivity for you.